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hello and welcome  to our news page we be updating  Daily frrom now on Talk soon Tom Dalton

Today starts a new chapter in the Tom Dalton website daily bulliten.

Day 1

This website was created by Declan Rooney as a landing site for my business partners 
At that time IrishGolf Classics Chem-Dry Classic and Floor Covering Specialists.
Today it's Celtic Grace  ELTroubadours and Floor Coverings with the current Corona Crisis 
we have to change strategy.
This  day last year I was at The Gospel Rising Festival in Ennis 
With Karen Gibson what a fantastic weekend we had with her teaching.
She created the Kingdom Choir who sang at the Royal Wedding check out
Tom Dalton  Facebook page to the fantastic choirs at Ennis Cathedral.
Stay safe talk soon Tom 

Day 2

Lockdown has caused havoc to looking forward to getting back to playig golf next wek if possible met my
friend today with social distanciing to pick up some equipment to get myself ready.

Bodhran class tonight with my  with the ensemble with Ronan O Snodaigh on zoom  all set for my El Troubadours
Artists Live  Wednesday gig at 8 30 on line.

My son had a new Comedy Quiz show tonight live on line on his Funny Feckers Comedy  Social Media relly enjoyed seeing him '
The show is based in London and is in lockdown this is a new concept to stay working fair play to Wes and team.

Back to the grind tomorrow rool on the 18 Th for a little normallity.

Stay Safe Talk Soon

Day 3

Started day with 21 Day Treamill challenge 21 mins feel a good bit better for iit. Getting the Ardmore Studio for tonight
 El Troubadours Artists live on Tom Dalton Facebbok and Celtic Grece Ireland Instagram .

Good friend of mine Colm O'Snodaigh was on Cultue Ireland Face book at 6 30 really enjoyed it . Colm is with Kila one of the best live bands on the ws brilliant so smooth.

El Toubadourssgig was a blast Zoom cutus short on time we had to let Artists in a few times we hope to have it retified for Sunday nighs session.

It was probably my most productive day in lockdown timm just flew

Stay Safe Talk soon 


Day 4

Spent morning upskilling my internet ability down loading vaious documents to complete work on compant accounts .

Highlight of the day My sons shou on line Funny Feckers Comedy from London  great laugh

Strphen Mullen was a guest Both him and Wes were on The Edinburugh Fringe last year had the pleasure of seeing them brillisnt

 Day 3 21 Day Clallenge 21 mins on Treadmill late last night was joined by Status Quo.

Saw them perform in the old Arcadia in Bray in the sixties big song at the time for them was Pictures Of Matchstick Men.

Check out photo gallery I have been uploading photos most days from memories

Stay safe talk soon


Day 5

Another day in the office  geting there my office skills are improving slightly.

Great memories on Facebook this  morning  of playing golf with Paul Mcgrath in Arklow. I Ihadn't played in Arklow for years.

When asked to play i didn;t know whether it would happen or not.

When I walked into the clubhouse lo and behold he was sitting there waiting to pllay.

My opening words were Inormally I  charge appearance money but today i'll write if off he broke his heart laughing really broke the ice.

We shared a buggy he loves the game played 18 holes had photograph  taken with a prized possesion.

I am going back to play in Arklow 'next week after a long break.

Arklow was my  first club will always be a special place in my heart made fantastic friends there and represented the club on many

occasions over the years.

Finshed the day wih  21 Day 21 challenge with  Status Quo  brought me back to the Acadia again .

Stay Safe Talk Soon


Day 6

First Sunday on news updates  went rea;;y well .

Started day with my normal trip to Enniskerry met mu music teacher and friend Susan for coffee at The Town Cock.

We going to do Zoom classes on my Banzo plau'yig long overdue. Ibought the Banzo about 5 years ago after Celtic Grace played at Motor Neuron Anniversay Remembrance Service in Town.

Idea was to have lessons with Susan due to other commitments it didn't happen the time is right now to learn to play.

I showed Susan how to access El Troubadours live tonight. We had a gret tuenout we had Canadian friends and relations of Ihab join us brilliant.

Was asked to sing The Fields Of Athenry for my friend Pete St John who has been on lockdown for 65 days .

Had the pleasure of singing with him in The Helix Theatre with Enniskerry Gospel Choir many years ago we sang Dublin In The Rare Old Times cool or what .

Stay safe Tal Soon


Day 7

Mondays highlight was Unity gospel Choir Zoom meet up  Neville wrote a song for me ten years ago when he was in Indaina .

It was called Shine In The Darkness We sang it with the choir on Monday always gives me agreat feeling loved it

You can hear it on  website it was recorded in my home chuch in Enniskery with Celtic Grace

Day 8

Back to my golfing home Arklow Golf Links I started plau'ying therre Jan 1971 i think must check it out.

Went down on Tuesday to pay levies i owed ended up playing 18 holes brought my  ride on Buggy

used it for the first time great to be back hadn't played there since i played with Paul M cGrath there

8 years ago . Brought back fantastic meories looking forward to next chapter in my golfing career.

Daay 9

Episode 6 of El Troubadours Artists Live  Ihab opens the Zoom meeting and ihost it it goes live on my facebook

and Celtic Grace Ireland Instagram  we had a ball with our usual Artists and were joined by friends on line.

My family from  overseas also joined in lovely to know your there and have the Ceoil Agus Craic.

During lickdown we are going out Wednesdays and Sundays at 8 30 love your company.

Day 10

Lockdown eases we have birthday celebrations in The back garden with the Dalton gang . Grandkids baked a cake we had

Pizza it was a beautiful day we hadn'tt been together since thw wedding Great day loved it.

Lockdown nighttime  entertainment Funny Feckers Comedy my sons show followed by my friends show Ronan O'Snodaigh both live

on face book brilliant night loved it

Day 11

Its been 4 years since i played golf in Old Conna following hip replacement and Aciles tear last year.

Went up today to pay my Sub for this year its been a strange time but im looking forward to my return.

Afternoon session with Ihab on Zoom and setting up Facebook livefor upcoming  Episode 7 we

are flying and technically Ihab is brilliant.

Looking frorward to playing along with Ronan Osnodaigh Bodhran Ensemble on Sunday join us on Tom  Dalton facebook and Celtic

Grace Ireland Instagram

Day 12